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Nanjing, China

David Tait lives in Nanjing, China, where he works as a teacher. His poems have been widely published in magazines and anthologies including Ambit, Magma, Poetry Review and The Rialto. He has won the Poetry Business book & Pamphlet Competition twice, in 2010 for his pamphlet Love's Loose Ends and in 2015 with Three Dragon Day.

Blog Posts & Readings

Beijing Smog
I walked to the supermarket in Nanjing this morning to pick up some groceries.
Beijing Smog
A number of my students love watching Game of Thrones and a number of the younger students quote from it directly. 

Interviews & Writing Exercises

Author Caroline Smith
The third poet I interviewed was Caroline Smith, whose daring and moving collection The Immigration Handbook (Seren), is one of my favorite books of the year.
Writing Exercise
This week’s writing exercise invites readers to write about the journey of a significant object or personal family heirloom, using Caroline Smith’s poem “Lime Tree Honey” as an inspiration or starting off point.